Products Available at The Center for Holistic Wellness
Jedidiah D. Smith CHHP utilizes the most efficient and highest quality supplements.  He has long recognized that no one company makes the best or finest in every category, that is why he uses the products of many companies.  By using the best from each manufacturer you are guaranteed to be using only the nutriceuticals/supplements that your body needs and will absorb.  Many Naturopaths subscribe to just using one company or two to provide all the patient/client's needs...not here.  You will be educated on how to take care of your body and that includes just the right supplementation from all the right sources.  

Some of the nutraceutical companies used for testing and recommending:

  • Zyto Scanning
  • Nature Sunshine
  • Peter Gillians
  • Braggs
  • Life Extension
  • Power Balance Bands
  • Standard Process
  • Amrita Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils​

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