To Whom It May Concern,
A few months ago, while I was experiencing severe health issues and could barely pick my head up off the pillow, a friend introduced Dr. Jedidiah Smith and me to each other. From that point Dr. Jedidiah (I feel that I can call him that because I am older) has been a blessing in my life and my overall wellness.  
Today it is a privilege and an honor to write an unsolicited letter of recommendation for this gifted professional gentle-man. Initially, it is a pleasure to be in his tastefully appointed offices—somewhat formal comfortable decor, enhanced with elegant international art.  
More importantly, I experience that his extensive professional background synthesizes the wisdom of science, Spirit, and a heritage committed to the healing arts. From the beginning of our relationship I experienced his Generosity of Spirit, his Compassion and Kindness of heart. His skill at listening deeply without judgment is an inspiration and a blessing. In his presence I feel safe, understood, and cared for. In that place it feels safe to trust—him, his skill, his recommendations and resources—and Life. He combines magnificently a clarity of purpose with a totally joyful sense of humor. His laughter with our stories helps to lighten burdens and regain an empowering perspective. Just thinking about him—I smile. 
During the many months of being one of his clients I have experienced transformational healing of body, mind, soul and spirit. He is an important part of what I term “My Angel Team,” for which I am eternally grateful. In partnership with this powerful humble practitioner, my awareness and consciousness have expanded and the cancer that appeared threatening my bones and lymphatic system has dramatically reduced.  
Understanding that, if you are reading this, you may be searching for support for your own wellness, I am delighted and honored to say to you that I highly recommend this beautiful spirit, gifted Agent for Healing with all the professionalism one can imagine. Perhaps he can become part of your “Angel Team.” 
In Gratitude and Oneness,
Barbara Boden, M.A., CPCC.

After meeting Jedidiah through friends about 6 years ago my husband and I decided to make an appointment to see if he could help us with our health issues.  I had had 5 surgeries in 2 1/2 years leaving my immune system very impaired and weak.   I sought him out to determine what supplements my body actually needed.  Through his deep care, listening skills, and tests he directed us to the right vitamins and supplements to take.  About 3 months later i really began to feel the results of them working in my body.  I had had both partial knee surgeries just about at the time I started seeing Jedidiah and six months later had to have another surgery on the left knee due to being allergic to the chemicals used in the cement placed in the surgery sight.  Because of Jedidiah's concern and wonderful care of making sure I took the right supplements and vitamins my doctor was happy to report I would not need another knee surgery as my joints were healing miracuously  on their own.  We are faithful about taking our supplements and my husband has also experienced an improvement in his health as well.  I am 73 years old and Richard is 75.  I have a cleaning business and stay very active working at it.  Richard is retired  but also does part-time work and is very active.  We have friends that also have started going to Jedidiah and are improving their health as well.  We think he is tops in helping with health needs along with a loving personality.  We can call him anytime and he responds back promptly.  We are so grateful and thankful we met him when we did to keep us healthy.
Linda and Richard F., Dayton, Ohio

Jedidiah is a gifted practitioner.  He is adept at guiding his clients through the session effortlessly.  He has created an environment with comfort and care.  Whether giving a reflexology session, hypnotherapy, or nutrition consultation, Jedidiah is always completely present, gentle, kind and effective. No matter what the modality, he  helps you identify the issue and create a path to resolve it with ease and grace. I feel released, inspired, and complete each time I finish a session with  Jedidiah.  I  highly recommend Jedidiah's practice and trying something you might not even know you need. 
Mary W., Washington D.C.

I choose to come to Jedidiah for two reasons.  The first reason was to allow myself time to help myself relax and slow down.  I am a person with a "busy brain" as they say, so I run, do yoga and hike to help myself deal with my very active lifestyle.  I have never found anything that works so well except Clinical Reflexology with Jedidiah.  After my first session I felt immediate results.  I am more calm inside, I can focus more on my task at hand, and am able to allow the frusterations that life tosses at me to leave.  The second reason I go to Jedidiah is to stay well.  ( I am a "caregiver" that finds it necessary to take care of myself as well as others).  When folks are really ill with cancer or other horrible diseases, the doctors will suggest "alternative choices" because they've witnessed the positive results and miracles of those treatments.  Most people will try these "alternative treatments" as a last resort.  I plan to stay ahead of all that and have a strong commitment to my health before any of those issues would ever arise.  Since reflexology strengthens my immune system, and helps reduce stress in my life, I have a fighting chance to be blessed with a long, healthy life.  Jedidiah is an "ace in the hole" as they say.  I feel like I have a fighting edge over all the garbage that life throws at us.  After his sessions I am more relaxed, I can focus better, and therfore am more productive in my life.  His sessions are a commitment I have made to myself in order to STAY WELL.
Jennifer D., Columbia, Maryland

Susan Edwards,  MD

"It was a very good experience. Mr. Smith was easy and pleasurable to work with. I will return there for wellness. "
Bina Mehta, MD

"It was an experience like no other and really helped point out key problems that can be improved in life."
Andrew Foster, Baltimore MD

"Dr. Smith was awesome, I have recommended him to friends and family already this morning!!"
Angela Taylor, MD

"Dr. Smith is brilliant!"
Ntalie La Roche, Frederick, MD

"Great massage. Do not be worried that this is a guy (whether you are a guy or woman) because he is professional and good."
S. Chan, MD

"Great,Just love Jedidiah,I would recommend everyone to Holistic Wellness, I am a true beliver in Holistic medicine,no chemmicals for me."
Mary Barker, MD.

"I used the three certificates and have continued to be a client of Dr. Jedidiah Smith since. I believe it is because of his care that my mental and physical health is so much better. 
 I would HIGHLY recommend The Center for Holistic Wellness."
Angela Leighty, WV

"Dr. Smith was amazing, I'll definitely be back!"
Lisa Mirabelli, MD.

"What a nice place! I'm delighted to find someone who works on both feet AND hands. Not easy to find. Jedidiah is a great guy and quite gifted. Down-to-earth and a good sense of humor. He had a thorough questionnaire for me to fill out, and took the time to read it and talk to me about my health history, concerns and expectations. I'm always curious about what reflexology points correspond to, and when he hit a painful point he let me know what the issue seemed to be (and was right-on, I have to say). There was no "selling", although he suggested a therapy "plan" should I decide to return. I'll definitely go back."
Suzanne Cholwek, Howard County, MD

"Jedidiah is a fantastic hypnotherapist an an amazing person. He was thorough, kind and nurturing. I felt very comfortable with him. With his help I was able to quit smoking which is a tough task! I'm planning on going back for help with other areas in my life. I highly recommend him!"
Maya Norton, Laurel, MD

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